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Future Consumer Journey Map


Introduction of the Journey

Further explaination of the consumer journey map stages

Explainatory videos for the consumer journey

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Journey Stage: Awareness and Consideration

Journey Stage: Decision

Journey Stage: Purchase

'VR Try-on'

'A streamlined payment process with SnapScan's payment solution'

Journey Stage: Service

Number of Abercrombie&Fitch Stores around the world

Journey Stage: Post-purchase and Loyalty

Journey Stage: Advocacy

After selecting an outfit, the customer completes the purchase with ease, thanks to a streamlined checkout process. They receive an order confirmation with details about the event and how to claim their event-related discount or perk.

Stage: Service

If the experience is positive, the customer becomes a brand advocate, sharing their experience online and with friends, contributing to word-of-mouth marketing.

Stage: Advocacy

Post-purchase, the customer is invited to share their new outfit and event plans on social media with an Abercrombie-branded hashtag, increasing brand visibility and customer engagement.The customer enjoys the event with their Abercrombie outfit, strengthening brand affinity.They are later prompted to provide feedback on their experience, closing the feedback loop for continuous improvement of personalized recommendations.

Stage: Post-purchase and Loyalty

The map is made based on the processes experienced by a customer with the purchasing process enhanced with the DT solutions proposed by the team. It is a future blueprint of consumer journey, and it focuses on the processes related with the solutions.

Introduction of the Journey

The customer receives a personalized email from Abercrombie highlighting a curated list of upcoming local events (concerts, art shows, sports events) that align with their interests and past shopping behavior.

Stage: Awareness

Stage: Consideration

Within the same email, the customer sees tailored outfit suggestions for each event. These suggestions are based on their style preferences and past purchases, showcasing Abercrombie’s modern and inclusive collections.

The customer is enticed by a special offer: a discount on the outfit if they purchase through the Abercrombie digital platform and an additional discount or perk for the event itself, such as early access or a complimentary item.The customer will have access to the community at anytime, allowing them to view the ideas and suggestions from others

Stage: Decision

The customer follows the email's call to action, landing on a personalized Abercrombie webpage with their recommended outfits ready to view in more detail. They use an integrated virtual try-on feature to see how the clothes would look.

Stage: Purchase