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Biology Homework
1 a Describe how people's energy needs change from birth to an old age?When you are young (1 - 17 years), the amount of energy you need keeps increasing because you are growing and need to keep active. As you continue getting older (18 - 59 years), you do not need that much energy because your body stops growing. When you reach old age, you require very little energy as you [mostly] you will not have the physical capability to move and be active as much as younger children. b Do men or women need more energy?Men need more energy than women because of their higher muscle mass. c Suggest a reason why the real amount of energy needed by a female might be more than a male in the same age range. The energy needed by a female might be more than a male in the same age range because when females are from 10 - 13 years old, they start growing faster than males which affects the amount of energy they need. d Thin people often develop ‘middle aged spread’ in their 40s. This is a polite way of saying that they have started to become overweight. Suggest whythis often happens to people when they reach ‘middle age’. This often happens to people in their 'middle age' because people in their 40s don't have the capacity to be as active and excerise more. This is due to the fact that their energy levels are getting lower.
Food and energy:
2 a Which nutrient is each food richest in?Beef steak - Protein Avocado - Fat Rice - Carbohydrates b State one other food that is a good source of each of these nutrientsProtein - salmon, Carbohydrate - potatoes, Fat - yoghurt, Fibre - okra, Calcium - cheese, Iron - beetroot c What type of carbohydrate is rice likely to contain the largest amount of?Rice contains a large amount of starch3 A serving of which food provides the energy needed for an hour of golf?A serving of rice provides the energy needed for an hour of golf4 Jack eats a serving of each food. This provides enough energy for 2 hours of which sport?A serving of each food will provide Jack with the energy to play 2 hours of football5 a How much energy is required for 2 hours of swimming?2200 kJ is required for 2 hours of swimming b Explain why the real amount of energy for 2 hours of swimming may be more or less than the value you calculated in part a.Not sure6 a Explain what happens if a person’s food contains more energy than they require. if a person's food contains more energy than they require it will lead to putting on weight. b Which of the foods is least likely to cause a person to become overweight if they eat too much on a regular basis?If a person ate beef steak regularly it would not lead to them being overweight as it is a perfect balance of nutrients and has less carbohydrates7 Which food serving contains the most:a calcium - half avocado b iron - beef steak8 a Vitamin A is described as a lipid-soluble vitamin. What does this mean? In which of the foods would you expect to find the greatest amount of this vitamin?A lipid-soluble vitamin means that it can absorb lipids [oils, fats]. You would find this vitamin most in avocados.