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Refrigerant Training – Additional Learning

Additional Transport information

  • Air transportation of R290 air source heat pumps is limited to a maximum charge of 100g per unit
  • As 0.6kg is the minimum charge in our range of R290 ASHPs, all of our units will have charges greater than 100g and are, therefore, all unsuitable for air freight
  • It is very unlikely you will encounter a refrigerant leak during transportation.
  • It is very unlikely there would be a point of ignition at the same time as an airplanes' cargo area is an airtight confined space. However, it is still deemed too risky to take the chance.

Air Freight

Please click here for further information on UK Legislation

Always check local regulations before transporting R290 refrigerant gas and/or products

The amount of R290 you can safely transport varies depending on the country or countries you are travelling within, the amount of R290 refrigerant you are carrying, local/national regulations and the type of transport you are using.

Transport Limitations

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