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By Jake Barnett

Intro to film

What is a commissioner?

Commissioners work for broadcasters such as BBC and Netflix. They listen to all kinds of ideas and are the ones who choose to broadcast it or schedule it. They also sometimes might create some ideas of their own. Once everything has been approved they still normally usually have a say in stuff that happens. For example, casting.

What is a Script Editor?

A script editor is usually someone who enters the script writing process someway after it starts. Normally they start first but their main job is to make sure that the script is up to standard/ be as good as possible for the targeted audience. Their job is to also support the writer to make sure they writer produces their best work possible

What is a Subtitler?

A subtitlers is someone who is tasked to create visual words for people who are possibly deaf or do not know the language they are watching in and only know the one they grew up with. Translating words and sounds into text is the main jobs of a subtitler but they have to make sure it is accurate otherwise people could take what they see on screen the wrong way.