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Studio and outside broadcast

Sound Guarantee( Sound gallery)

The sound guarantees role is to makes sure all the sound equipment in a studio as well as on an outside broadcast truck, works.

The sound guarantee’s main focus is the sound desk, cable runs and microphones. They set all of it up and thye make sure that it's working correctly. They aslo sometimes cover other areas like the talkback system.

The sound guarantee needs to be familiar with the equipment thats used. They need an undersatnding of sound, have good knowledge of electronics, being able to come up with soloutions for technical problems, staying calm under pressure and have good comminication skills.A sound guarantee works with the sound supervisor, grams operator and some of the floor crew.

Grams Operator ( Sound gallery)

Grams operators will play any music or sound effects that are required when recording studio shows or outside broadcasts. They work on a variety of programs, such as entertainment and sports. Gram operators report to the sound supervisor and take direction from the director.

A gram operator must have knowledge of sound effects and music, have technical skills, be able to work in a team, be able to time properly and have knowledge of production.

Art Director(Floor of location)

Art directors are responsible for turning the creative vision of the production designer into reality by drawing plans and visuals and making models. Art directors organise the art department and oversee the construction of the set.

An art director has many skills such as creativity, art skills, knowledge of construction, knowledge of production, and leadership.

Art directors oversee construction teams, production buyers, assistants as well as runners.

Sparks Trainee(Floor of location)

A spark trainee will talk on the radio to the crew on the truck about what they need. They are not allowed to work alone. This is because they work with electricity and it's dangerous if people have not been trained.

A spark trainee has skills such as understanding lights, being reliable, good communication and being good with electricity.

A spark trainee comes under the responsibility of the head of the lighting department.

Vision Guarantee(Vision gallery)

Vision guarantees work in studio productions and outside broadcasts. This is to ensure that all aspects of the vision chain work from end to end. This can be from the cameras in a studio to the monitors in the gallery.

A vision guarantee has many skills such as attention to detail, problem-solving, calm under pressure, and good communication.

The vision guarantee works with the vision supervisor. A vision supervisor is responsible for the quality and look of the pictures.

Lighting Director(Vision gallery)

Lighting directors create the texture, colour, and mood of a TV show. They can also turn two-dimensional sets into 3D theatrical spaces. They use a variety of lighting and effects to focus attention on the action.

A lighting director has many skills such as being creative, knowledge of lighting equipment, organised, good communication, and health and safety.

They work with the producer, director, and production designer.