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Additional Preventative measures

Ignition sources must also be eliminated during transportation and storage

  • Naked flames
  • Electrical devices- mobiles and tablets
  • Discharge of capacitors
  • Electric sockets
  • Lamps/Lights
  • Light switches
  • Sparking Tools
  • Static charge from work clothing
  • Objects with a surface area temperature above 370 Degrees

Potential ignition sources include:

Ignition sources must not be present inside of the Installation Protective Zone of the R290 unit, either permanently or for a short period of time

Sources of ignition

  • Touch a grounded metal object once in a while to remove any charge from your body
  • Metal water taps are an ideal grounding point to use
  • Use an anti-static wrist strap equipment to avoid potential differences between you and the equipment you are working on
  • Wear work clothes, gloves and shoes with Anti-static measures included

Anti-Static measures

  • R290 compatible leak detection equipment must be used whenever in the presence of R290 gas.
  • The leak detector needs to be kept near the floor as the refrigerant is heavier than air and leaked refrigerant would sink to ground level. This should be set to alarm at 25% of the LFL
  • During transportation leak detection must be used to make sure refrigerant hasnt leaked into the vehicle, which could lead to serious injury or loss of life
  • During installation of R290 equipment, a calibrated leak detector must be kept nearby
  • During servicing the system must be checked for leaks and continuously monitored. If a leak is found the correct emergancy procedures should be followed.

Leak Detection