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Customer Gainpoint: Customers can get response from Waitrose soon after posting their complaints on Social Media(e.g. Instagram, X)

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"Increasing our presence in the convenience market through partnerships with third parties such as Deliveroo, Dobbies, Shell and local convenience shops to bolster and enhance our convenience reach for our customers."(Waitrose,2023)

Partner with 3rd-party Delivery

Existing Initiative

This initiative that is implementing could potentially expand Waitrose's customer reach.

Implement of Supply Chain 4.0

Customers often have complaints on the availability of products and this is most likely be the result of inefficient distribution of inventories. Thus, Supply Chain 4.0 Upgrade on their systems could solve this painpoint.

Key Elements:

  • IoT devices Installation on Trucks, storage centres, supermarkets and suppliers
  • Make use of the IoT devices on Algorithms to generate more efficient routes of distribution.

  • Related to the customized coupons
  • Related to the customer database

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Customers could choose to register MyWaitrose Card before making a online orders