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LinkedIn Guide


07 Key points

06 Uniqueness

05 Start Conversations

04 Connect with other

03 Follow other accounts

02 Personal Profile

01 Importance

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Importance of Linkedin

Job and Internship Searches:

Researching Companies:

LinkedIn offers insights into various companies, their cultures, and the career paths of their employees. This information is valuable for people making decisions about potential employers.(Loretto, P,2022)

Can use LinkedIn to explore job and internship opportunities. Many companies post vacancies on LinkedIn, and having an updated profile increases the chances of being noticed by recruiters. (Loretto, P, 2022)

LinkedIn provides a platform to connect with classmates, alumni, professors, and professionals in their field of study. Networking on LinkedIn can lead to mentorship, internships, and job opportunities. (ApS, N,2023)

Networking Opportunities:

Building a LinkedIn profile allows people to create a professional online presence. It serves as a dynamic resume, showcasing their skills, education, and extracurricular activities.(Balode, N. 2023)

Professional Branding:

(Muriel,25 Nov,2023)

E. Skills:Add relevant skills to your profile to increase visibility.

D. Experience:List your work experience, including key responsibilities and achievements.

C. Summary:Write a concise and engaging summary showcasing your skills and career goals.

B. Headline:Craft a compelling headline that highlights your expertise. For example :Marketing Specialist | Digital Marketing Enthusiast | Helping Brands Grow"

A. Profile Picture:Use a high-resolution photo where you look approachable and professional.

Personal Profile

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Inspiration for Your Own Work:Creative inspiration is just a click away on LinkedIn, where following innovative accounts in the fashion industry can spark your creativity and help you develop your own unique style or strategies in fashion marketing and management (Khan, S. 2023).

Awareness of Industry Events and Collaborations:LinkedIn provides a platform for fashion brands and agencies to announce events, collaborations, and partnerships, ensuring that you are well-informed about industry happenings and can actively engage in relevant activities (Linkedin, 2023).

Access to Insider Knowledge and Expertise:By following industry experts and thought leaders, you gain access to insider knowledge and expertise, providing valuable insights into the creative processes, strategies, and experiences of r enowned figures in the fashion world (Khan, S, 2023).

Stay Informed About Industry Trends:Following fashion brands, designers, and marketing agencis on LinkedIn ensures that you stay updated on the latest trends and developments shaping the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry (Khan, S. 2023).

Follow other accounts

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Example for Connection:Hello, I am XXX. I would like you to ask about your experience in [ Company Name ].

Strategic Connections in Your Industry:Connecting strategically with professionals in your industry enhances your network with valuable insights, potential mentors, and opens doors to new opportunities (Help linkedin help,n.d.).

Importance of Connecting:Building a robust professional network on LinkedIn is essential for career growth, collaboration opportunities, and staying connected with industry trends and insights.

Connect with other

(Muriel,25 Nov,2023)

Conversations often lead to opportunities. Whether it's a job offer, a collaboration, or participation in a project, being open to conversations increases your chances of discovering and capitalizing on various opportunities.

1. Engage with Content:Like, comment, and share posts from your network.2. Direct Messages:Start conversations with personalized messages to discuss common interests or opportunities.3. Join Groups:Participate in LinkedIn groups related to your industry to engage in discussions.

Start Conversations

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C. Achievements:Update your profile with relevant achievements, certifications, or awards.

B. Media and Projects:Showcase your work, projects, or presentations to highlight your skills.

A. Content Sharing:Share your thoughts on industry topics through articles or posts.

Show Your Uniqueness


Follow Career Pages:Follow the career pages of companies you are interested in. This helps you stay informed about their updates, job postings, and company culture.

Participate in Groups:Join LinkedIn groups related to your field of study or career interests. Engaging in group discussions allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and stay updated on industry conversations(ApS, N,2023).

Highlight Academic Achievements:Showcase your academic achievements, projects, and coursework in the "Education" section. Mention any relevant honors, awards, or extracurricular activities.

Create a Professional Profile:Craft a professional and complete LinkedIn profile. Use a high-quality photo, write a compelling headline, and include details about your education, skills, and experiences.(Balode, N. 2023).

Key points

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