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Here the arpillerista has incorporated dye into the piece by dyeing the fabric of the forest floor to create a more realistic effect

Hessian/burlap backing typically origionating from a potato sack to demonstrate the grassroots element of the arpillera culture.

Detailed stitching showing experience in needlework. This was not typical of a usual arpillerista as they were generally women of working class background whose experience in needlework was generally based on mending things.

3 Dimensional Arpillera dolls sew separately then attached to the arpillera

Very muted tones depicting the natural world

  • This is more true to life than typical arpilleras which utilise any fabric they can get access to, therefore the colours are often very far from what they are depicting.
  • The characters wear bright colours showing the contrast between the human and the natural. This perhaps demonstrates how far we have strayed from the natural world.

Image has no specific points that allow us to assign it to any specific geographical location. This perhaps allows the image to resonate all over the world, showing this is an issue that affects all of us.