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The local people are fed up with being treated as less than human beings that don't get access to their basic needs. The are processing on the streets that are also bight and colorful in comparison to the police officer. They are lacking clean water, sewage and basic food according to their banners

this airplane could be seen as the airplane carrying the arpillera to show the rest of the world. Another example of this plane could be one under Pinochet's rule where 120 civilians had been taken up on these planes and were tossed into the oceans rivers and lakes of Chile

the sun being unravelled or unfinished can be looked at different ways; it can help us see the real fragility of these textiles as this could have been unravelled over time.it can help us see how art is a much more fragile way of explaining history.

The men are also wearing colorful clothes in comparison to the guard.

The women in this arpillera are wearing very colorful clothing despite all of the darkness happening to them and their families. From what can be seen they have very angry looks on their faces.

This arpillera uses scraps of materials hand sewn onto burlap. Peru (Cusco) 1987

This arpillera has kept the classic background of the mountains