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Podcast Pitch

By Leigh Carberry

The podcast will be about taveling to the states and the process of how I got there.Also about my experiences while working over there, culture shocks, building realtionships and friendships and how diffrent your life is once you've went and worked abroad in a summer camp.

Context of Podacst


Making friends, living with over 100 people, romantic connections, friendships that last a life time, meeting people from all over the world

Relationships and FRIENDSHIPS

Applying for Camp America, finding a camp, visa process, preparing from travel and an overall look atthe costs and time it takes to apply

Arriving at camp, diffrent job roles, day in the life, working with different age groups, living in the States and culture shocks


What each episode will cover

the process

Why talk about that?

Heres my reasoning

So, Ameirca is something that I am truly greatful for that i got to experience and i want others to be able to experience it to! It's honestly the most life changing experience!

Target Audience

-- Who are interested in travel - Who have a passion to experience new things - Who what advice on working in a US Summer Camp

Young People





Best month

Medium temperature

This podcast talks about different experiences you will have when working in summer camp like camp dynamics, drama at camp and situationships.

There's no place like summer camp - Andrew Waterhouse

Simular Podcasts

This podcast is actually ran by the Camp America Comapnay. On the podcast they discuss their camp stories and experiences while working in Ameirca.

Tell me S'more - CA Confessions

I will be recording most of my audio in the college but having one of my interviews over the phone. I will start recording my first episode in the next 2 weeks.

Where and when

Production Process


Social Media

I will promote my podcast by sharing it on diffrent social media apps like Instagram and Facebook groups.

Thanks for listening!

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