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Scrooge's attitude to money 💰 🤑

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Scrooge in STAVE ONE

In stave one scrooges evening in his firm is interrupted by charity workers,who are looking for donations for the poor at this festive season but all Scrooge wishes for 'is to be left alone'. To get rid of them he says that he 'can't afford to make idle people merry'.This shows how little regard Scrooge has for the poor and people in general .The phrase 'cant afford to make idle people merry 'suggests that he has no desire to help people especially when he sees christmas as nothing but a waste of time.His constant demand that he 'cant afford' shows how he has misplaced his priorities,choosing money over people.It also suggests that money is constantly on his mind if he is reusing the same excuse to refuse aiding people in need.In addition in stave 1 it says that 'darkness is cheap and Scrooge liked it' the abstract noun darkness symbolises evil,death destruction ect and the adjective cheap protrays the abstract noun 'darkness' as something that has no value emphasises how morally corrupt scrooge to associate himself with something that has no value .

Stave Two

In stave two Scrooge as promised by Marleys ghost is visited by the ghost of christmas past wher they go back in time to his old school,Fezziwigs christmas party where he danced the night away with his lost love Belle.Whilst reminiscing about his childhood with his sister fan he tells the ghost emotionally that 'there was a boy singing a christmas carol at (his) door last night'and that he would'like to have given him something' . This shows a significant turning point from the stingy old man in stave one,who would not spend a single penny 'to make idle people merry'to an emotional ebenezer scrooge who WOULDVE liked to give something to a boy without him doing anything that would benefit Scrooge as well. Showing the riddance of his selfishness and fixing that misplacement of priorities, Putting humans over money.Also at Fezziwigs party the ghost teases Scrooge by saying how little money was put into the party and how he doesnt see the huge deal of the party that you Ebenezer was clearly enjoying.Scrooge defensively later on replies saying that Fezziwig has the'power to render (them) happy or unhappy'.this shows how highly a man who prizes money over all else thinks of just a former boss. Meaning that he does care about certain people and that he has just awaken from his long blindness of money being the only thing that has the 'power' to make him happy or unhappy.Defying his obsession with money in stave one.Thereore after remembering how joyful christmas can be with loved ones like Fezziwig he starts to realise that there are more important and happier things in life and it does not matter if your the poorest of the poor, everyone still ha

Stave Three

In stave three, Scrooge is met by the Ghost of the Christmas present. Previously in the novella we can see Scrooges stingy attitude towards money and the lower working class and how he doesn't believe that anyone can be 'merry' or jolly when they are poor. (He even tells his own nephew that.) However, when met by the Ghost of Christmas present he sprinkles 'happiness' on those who are less fortunate and when Scrooge asks why, the Ghost responds by saying that it is because they 'need it most'. This makes Scrooge reevaluate on his past actions and starts to sympathise the poor and pity's them. Later in the stave, the Ghost then takes Scrooge to the Cratchits house where he finally sees his clerks family life. We are also introduced to Tiny Tim who is in very poor health conditions yet, is very optimistic about everything. When at the dinner table, we can see how they can still find joy in the littlest things in life for example their excitement to see the little Christmas pudding Mrs Cratchit makes for them. However, during this joyous occassion, when Bob Cratchit toasts to good health for his boss (Scrooge), ' it was the first proceedings with no heartiness in it.' This makes Scrooge feel bad about his treatment towards his clerk as for the first time he realises that his actions have consequences on other peoples lives and to know that people had hatred towards him resonated in his heart and made him think to himself about his behaviour.

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