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How are you going to avoid catastrophic temptations?

Ask Yourself...Part of crafting your story is also deciding what you definitely don’t want in your life.

How are you going to use your time meaningfully and productively outside of work?

Do you want a long-term, stable, intimate relationship?

Using your time meaningfully and productively outside of work involves making the most of your free time to grow personally, pursue your passions, and maintain a balanced life. For example, you might spend your evenings taking up a new hobby like painting or learning a musical instrument. Or perhaps you engage in regular exercise and fitness activities, ensuring both your physical and mental well-being. These choices help you lead a fulfilling life beyond the confines of your job and contribute to your overall happiness and personal growth.

Avoiding catastrophic temptations is all about making smart choices and keeping your long-term goals in mind. Things like drinking, drugs, violence, partying, avoiding hard work, lying, hurting others, bad friends, and procrastination are all examples.You need to stay focused on what really matters to you and not get distracted by things that might feel good in the short term but could lead to big problems later on. To avoid catastrophic temptations, always ask yourself if what you're about to do will help you get closer to your goals or if it might lead to trouble down the road. Stay focused on what's truly important to you, and that will help you make the right choices. It doesn't matter what other people are doing and the choices they make.

In life, it's important to strive for long-term, stable, and intimate relationships rather than toxic ones. Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect, trust, and communication. For example, having a caring and supportive partner who encourages your personal growth and well-being can bring happiness and fulfillment. On the other hand, toxic relationships, marked by constant conflict, manipulation, and emotional abuse, lead to unhappiness and can even harm your mental and emotional health. It's essential to prioritise healthy, meaningful connections that add value to your life and help you become a better person.