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Repeal of the 2nd Amendment: The right to bear arms


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New amendment

opinion & proposal

The right to bear arms


THe right to bear arms

  • This means to have arms or weapons in your possesion. the only reason they are allowed is for self-defense, said by the Supreme Court, so this has made practically imposible to prohibit arms.
  • I think this amendment affects the whole world in general not just in a national way, because if more than the 50% of the U.S population possesses arms, and they go out of their country, still be armed, this puts in danger all of us, such as the US citizens to people from other countries, and continents. And if you didn't know, the United States, is the largest arms exporter country in the world.

My proposal states, the right to bear arms only if part of any special corp (army, FBI...). With this what I want to achieve is the wellness of the country but mainly:

  1. safer streets,
  2. less problems,
  3. reduce the amount of deaths and suicides.
However it is true that by implying this new amendment, whenever someone has a real issue, where they might be attacked and have to defense themselves they option are reduced since they won't have those weapons to use.

I don't think the 2nd Amendment, isn't right. Arms shouldn't be allowed, as they cause lots of problems and issues, and eventhough you state is for self-defense, no one really knows but you. And if you have kids, with more right you shouldn't be in the possesion of one, as they probably don't know what it is, and can play with it, and that doesn't end well. The use of weapons just generates lots of problemas that can be avoided if things changed. So that's why I have a proposition to repeal this amendment and change it for another one.


"The right to bear arms if only part of any special corp (army, FBI...)"

This image represents the number of homicides and suicides with th use of firearms. If they weren't allowed this would decrease, making the US stop having the overall highest rate because of fireamrs.

Thank you for paying attention, hope you enjoyed it!

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