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Film Studio Careers:

The Key roles in a Film Studio

A Vision mixer would work on multi-camera TV programmes and select what the viewers see on their televisions at home.Key Skills: Storytelling, Multi-Tasking, Working under pressure

Vision Mixer:

An executive producers is the head producer who supervises other producers in the creation any movie or TV series. Key Skills: Decision making, Communication, Creative thinking

Executive Producer:

Producers will come up with story ideas and hire writers or choose and secure rights to the script to then report to the VFX and Sound editors. Key Skills: Flexibility, Attention to Detail, Leadership

Production Gallery:


The sound guarantee makes sure that all the sound equipment within a studio or broadcast truck actually works. If any equipment malfunctions during rehearsal it means precious time is lost. Key Skills: Problem-Solving, Audio Engineering, Working under pressure

Sound Guarantee:

Grams operator:

Grams Operators play in any music or sound effects that are required when recording a studio show or broadcast. They work with the sound supervisor and take direction from the director. Key Skills: Timing, Knowledge of SFX and Music, Teamwork

Sound Supervisor:

Sound Gallery:

Sound supervisors are in charge of all the sound mixing on a live or recorded studio production or broadcast. They work with the producer and director to establish the requirements.Key Skills: Problem-Solving, Scientific Knowledge, Communication

Technical/Engineering Manager:A Technical/Engineering Manager would oversee the development, implementation and maintenance of any systems and processes such as troubleshooting any potential issues. Required Skills: Engineering, Communication, Problem SolvingProduction Designer:Production Designers have one of the most visually creative where they would design and then create the sets where programmes are made. Required Skills: Creativity, Problem Solving, ConstructionLighting Director:Lighting Directors create the colour, texture and mood of a TV Show, turning the two-dimensional sets into 3D theatrical spacesRequired Skills: Creativity, Organisation, Health and Safety

Vision Gallery:

Printing and distributing scripts and bringing messages to and from the director and producer to ensure everything is running smoothly. Key Skills: Communication, Adaptability, Organising

Production Assistant:

Production co-ordinators help with the production schedule, budget, equipment rentals, transportation, etc. With all the other crew members. Key Skills: Organisation, Time Management, Communication

Production Co-Ordinater:
Production Manager:

Production managers are responsible for the day-to-day financial running of an unscripted TV production and all the admin involved.Key Skills: Prioritisation, Financial Management, Negotiation

Production Office:

Assistant Producer: The Assistant Producer would work directly to series producers and manage researchers and runners.Required Skills: Leadership, Creativity, Technical Knowledge Art Director:Art Directors are the ones responsible for turning the creative vision of the production designer into a reality by drawing the plans and visuals and making the models.Required Skills: Creativity, Art, LeadershipFloor Assistant:`The floor assistant works with the floor manager on a studio production to help with running the studio floor and making sure the rehearsals and programme recording runs smoothly. Required Skills: Multi-Tasking, Quick-Learning, Being Friendly

Floor or Location

VT Editors work on studios and outside broadcasts, making the short films that go into a programme. Such as on a game show they would edit the clips that introduce the contestants.Required Skills: Storytelling, Quick Thinking and Technical Insight.

VT Editor:

Edit Producers work with an editor and would take all the shot footage for a programme and put the 'best' bits together to create a polished, complete programme.Required Skills: Storytelling, Scripting and Adaptability.

Edit Truck:

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