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Post production

Post Production Management

Post Production Supervisor

-Post-Production Supervisior help the producer manage the editing process without going over budget. -They also help hire on staff like sound editors and titles designers. They will also work with an accountant to get updates on cost reports. -Overall, they will work with most departments involved within the post-production part of things, this includes music and effects.-Post production supervisors oversee almost all of the departments.The skills you will need:Understanding post-production.

Central Technical Area:Tech ops supervisor: Responsible for the day-to-day operation of all technical equipment used within the post-production house. They operate the storage room/ data storage area where a huge amount of data is stored. This allows any other departments like VFX to then access the needed files. They are also responsible for keeping things locked away from the public eye to prevent any movie spoilers from releasing. What skills you need to be a tech op: Computer engineering, Problem solving, Communication and understanding post-production.Deliverables Producer: They work with the film’s post-production supervisor to decide on things like the schedule and what additional materials will be needed, such as footage that wasn’t present in the final film.what skills you will need to be a deliverable producer is: Programming,Knowledge of file-based and DVD technologies,Organisation and Problem solving.

Archive Producer:

Is responsible for sourcing the appropriate footage and getting permission to use it. There presence on a set can vary vastly depending on whether they are trying to find the appropriate footage for a clip show or maybe going through and outtake reel.what skills you need to be an archive Producer: Researching,Creativity,Tenacity and legal knowledge.

they will work closely with the producer or director to make sure they select the best shots to put into the movie. They will then put them together in the right order making sure it fits the director’s vision.what skills you need to be a picture editor: Storytelling, creativity, attention to detail, collaberation and knowledge of software.

Picture Editor:

The Sound editors’ job is to go through the entire movie checking each sequences sound. So, this included things like dialogue, music and sound effects. They must ensure it all comes together in sync. They work closely with the picture editor and dubbing mixer. Some skills that you should have are: Understanding sound, using audio software, attention to detail and collaboration.

Sound Editor:

A composer’s job is to create music that enhances the emotional experience of the film, TV programme, or game with a well-known signature tune. The music could come from a music library or a piece of music that already exists. The composer will always work with whoever’s vision is being brought to screen, like the producer.


Sound Studios

supervising sound editor:

They manage the team that overlooks all things audio in a film or TV series. This includes those responsible for dialogue, sound effects, background sounds and Foley. They will work closely with the director, picture editor and post production supervisor.

Edit Producer

On a documentary they will take all the footage, known as ‘rushes’, and put the best bits together to create a polished, complete programme. In terms of movies, they are responsible for making sure the finished project runs to the required duration.


The motion graphic artist can sometimes work with big VFX companies. They are responsible for the opening titles or a sequence for a documentary. They could be asked to design the style of name captions on a chat show or etc. They will work closely with the executive producer, editorial team or production designer.