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Example from elsewhere as an inspiration

ldeas and content from other brands that act as inspiration for how the journey could be enhanced

The concept of using choices in a story to determine a player's Hogwarts house, as seen in some interactive narratives, can indeed serve as an innovative reference for Diageo's DIY wine customization experience. This concept can be adapted to create a personalized wine selection process that aligns specific types of wine with the personalities and preferences of customers.

Information about the journey

The team mapped the customer journey for the purchase of DIY customized product.

The left-hand interface shows Diageo's community website design, a forum where users can post text and photos and communicate and discuss, as well as rate and rank products, so that consumers and companies can better understand the popularity of various DIY products.

DIY Customization Forum Preview


Jellycat's personalization feature enables users to select different colors and provides recommendation advice, along with the option to add personalized text to the toy. Drawing from this reference, Diageo can explore similar customization options for their wine products, enriching the customer's interaction with their brand.

Personalise Jellycat

Haytea's initiative embodies a holistic approach to environmental protection, spanning from sourcing raw materials to design, production, and post-consumption product reuse. The emphasis is on finding sustainable ways to benefit the planet and inspire individuals to reconsider the significance of their beverage choices.

The Haytea's inspiration focusing on sustainable green tea drinks, serves as an inspiring reference for Diageo's DIY wine customization, with a potential focus on environmental protection and responsible drinking.

HEYTEA Jointly

The introduction of customizable perfumes, where users can choose different ingredients to create unique scents, can serve as an insightful reference for Diageo's DIY wine customization.

In this context, the customization process of selecting ingredients to make perfume can be adapted to allow wine enthusiasts to create distinctive wine blends by choosing various ingredients.

According to Amazon's Best Sales ranking interface, it found that by displaying the sales and recognition rankings of products, consumers can more clearly recognize the popularity of different flavors and make easier choices.

The ideas from Amazon and AO3

AO3 website is a large base for literary creation and secondary creation, providing people from different countries and different age groups with the opportunity to exchange and discuss literary works, film and television works. People can exchange information and communicate by Posting posts and replying to comments.