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Indoor unit installation

There are no restrictions under EN378 or EN60335-2-40 standards regarding the location of the indoor unit (cylinder/FTC) on an Ecodan system. The R290 refrigerant is self contained within the air source heat pump (ASHP), therefore, there is no R290 present at the indoor unit.

Installation restrictions?


The R290 ASHP outdoor unit has a 3 bar PRV and a high efficiency auto air vent built ino the connections for the plate heat exchanger.This is to prevent R290 leaking to the inside of the building through the water, in the rare event of the ASHP plate heat exchanger fracturing due to freezing.

Pressure relief

You should not install PRV's inside of the building on R290 systemsIf you are replacing an existing heating system in a property and the system already has pressure relief valves installed inside the property, these must be removed when installing a R290 ASHP.All automatic air vents and air seperators should be left closed off except during installation, maintenance and service of the system

PRV's inside the property?

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