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ASHP Unit positioning

General case

Protective zone

Positioning restrictions

Follow the below guidance when installing the ASHP with walls or restrictions to any orientation of the unit.

Restrictions around the unit

1m+ to walls either side of ASHP
Wall 1m+ infront of ASHP

To stop the possibility of R290 pooling in an enclosed area there must a lip of no higher than 0.1m.

ASHP positioning

Installation location

R290 Air source heat pumps should not be installed in underground, hollow or enclosed spaces. If you have no other option, the following guidance can be taken.

Positioning restriction

  • R290 units should always be installed in the open air when possible
  • Always try to avoid installing the unit in wells, below ground enclosures, enclosed atriums, plant rooms,
  • Position the R290 ASHP at least 1m away from doors, opening windows, Air ventilation brickwork or waste water systems
  • The protective zone should not cross building boundries
  • Ignition sources must not be present in the protective zone, either permanently or for a short period of time. these include open flame, electrical sockets, lamps and electrical house connections

In Summary...