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Good Morning Everyone! Hope you had a fab weekend!Following on from our check in call on Friday you can find the updated training materials and the deck we went through using the link below. All updated content has "NEW" next to it. Feedback is now due for Fourth Apps: Stock Counting and Ordering. As communicated last week we will not be removing these from sites so please continue to use if you wish. Deadline for this feedback is Wednesday 15th November. Diary reminder is your calendars. Feedback for deliverect tickets is also due. Link can be found below. Allergen training and process launch call is today. Launch call link and training materials can be found below. Thanks, Emily!

Allergen Process and Marker

Deliverect Tickets

Fourth: Ordering App

Fourth: Stock Counting App

Large Classic & Sharing Starters

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New Content:



ALL PACS (excl. Castleford, Derby, Leeds 6, Lincoln, Gloucester Rd, Lytham, Marlborough, Sheffield & Tamworth)

Canterbury - Best Lane Cardiff 3 Dorking Edinburgh - Queensferry Street Kings Lynn Leeds Albion Place Lincoln High Street Newbridge - White water Shopping Centre Poole - Tower Park Sheffield - Ecclesall Road

Castleford Tamworth Lincoln Derby 2

Belfast - Bedford Street Canterbury - Best Lane Cardiff 3 Dorking - High Street Edinburgh - Queensferry Street Leeds - Albion Place Lytham - St Anne's Manchester - King Street Marlborough - High Street Newbridge - Whitewater Shopping Centre St Neots - Leisure Park