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snap chat

i belive that i deserve snap chat becuse....

Why i think i sould i get snap chat

+ Info

why its good.

1. its a good way to comunicate with friends and family.2. loads of fun filters to play around with3. fun characters to customise.4. a funner whats-app

there are a few things will do ifyou let me donload snap chat.

1. you can randomly check it at eny random point2. i will always tell you if i add/acsept a requeast3. i will not ask or beg for acrylic nails at christmas** will still ask for then in the summer

what I will do for it


this app is NOTHING compeared to insta you sould be greatful im not asking for that. Aswell as its only a 12!! and that brings me to my final statment Heidi, Emma, Emma all have it and have made a group chat and I have learnt that they use it reagually and that dose not seen fair and if i mention it they might push me further out.

fun way to comunicat

did you know

i ca learn from others mistacks

yes you can learn from it

be one with my friends






I do hope you will tack thid into consideration


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