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How secure is your Digital Information?

Digital FootPrint

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Fake News


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Can you spot fake news?

Types of fake news and what it is.

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What is Fake News?

Types of fake news Clickbait - fabricated to increase website interest Propaganda - to deliberately mislead readers Satire/parody - for entertainment Misleading headings - distorted and sensationalist headings Biased/slanted views - one point of view Bad/sloppy journalism - using unreliable information

Fake news is often hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation with the aim to spread false information, damage someone's reputation or even create money for advertisers.

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As seen from looking at our screen time we spend a lot of time online. We will now explore being digitally responsible, our digital footprint, fake news (a big issue with being on line Tik Tok has taken over from Facebook for spread fake news) and how secure is your digital information. The video explores our first topic being more digitally responsible.