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SCULPT is an acronym of six basic frameworks to introduce digital accessibility in a bite-sized, approachable way.


SCULPT for Accessibility is a beginners guide to raise basic awareness and skills for accessibility across the wider workforce.

  • Headings should be set up correctly so screen readers can navigate the content.
  • Use a well known accesible font.
  • Use styles to configure documents
  • Never use colour alone to communicate information.
  • Avoid using combinations of Red, Green and blue and yellow.
  • Avoid backgrounds that aren't one colour.
  • Tables should be used for data and not used as a way to make pag e layouts.
  • You should be able to tab through a table and not get stuck.
  • Helps you to write clearly and concisely with the right tone of voice.
  • Avoid using hard to understand language, such as jargon, unexplained acronyms and long words.
  • Use descriptive names for links, not click here etc.
  • Don't put full website addresses as screenreaders will read it in full.
  • Use images that support the text
  • Never use an image instead of text.
  • Use correct image sizes.
  • Use alt text on images, or mark as decorative.


Plain English

Links (hyperlinks)

Use of Images

Colourand contrast

Structure and style