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T&F global news highlights 2023

Our Brains are Hardwired to Believe Lies and Conspiracy Theories, Research Shows In Politics, Lies, and Conspiracy Theories, dictators' speeches are analyzed to find one commonality: they all use dehumanizing metaphors to propagate hatred of others.

Alcohol and Smoking to Blame for Premature Deaths Among Night Owls Staying up late at night has little impact on how long ‘night owls’ live, according to new research published in the peer-reviewed journal Chronobiology International.

Taylor & Francis: A Push for Research Summaries in ‘Plain Language’ Patients, policymakers, caregivers and primary care physicians can now keep up to date with the latest medical articles through clear, jargon-free summaries.

Taking Contraceptive Advice From Social Media Influencers Could Lead to Unplanned Pregnancies New study published in Health Communication shows teenagers and young adults may be receiving inaccurate information on sexual health.

'Really rare': Remains of ancient flying reptiles discovered in Victoria are oldest of kind from Australia The study in Historical Biology concluded the bones dated 107 million years.

New fossil species shows birds' earliest ancestors originated in Zealandia Alcheringa study details a remarkably intact fossil of one of the earliest ancestors of a group of birds now found in the tropics.

Play in Early Childhood Helps Build a Better Brain, Says Leading Expert Dr Jacqueline Harding, author of The Brain that Loves to Play, argues that the young child's brain is inherently designed to be playful and this is crucial for its development

Paper Written Using ChatGPT Demonstrates Opportunities and Challenges of AI in Academia Innovations in Education and Teaching International study directly uses ChatGPT to demonstrate how sophisticated Large Language Machines (LLMs) have become.

Codebreakers Crack Secrets of Mary Queen of Scots' Lost Letters Decoding of letters published in Cryptologia described by prominent historian as the "most important find for 100 years".

The last straw: the paper sipper contains substances harmful to health and environment Paper straws may be harmful and not necessarily better for the environment, according to a study in Food Additives and Contaminants.

New Forum 13+ and Taylor & Francis Transformative Agreement to Realize the Benefits of Open Access for Germany’s Researchers Taylor & Francis concludes transformation agreement in Germany

African Penguins are Climate Refugees and they are Hanging on by a Thread An African Journal of Marine Science study paints a grave picture of a species in steep decline.