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The Director Of Photography Is Also Known As The Cinematography Of The "DP" For Short

The Post - Production Post-production begins with the ingestion of all the recorded material into the server of a post-production house. This gives all the different departments access to the same digitised material.

Post - Production Footage is then cut, music is added, sound and commentary are mixed and visual effects are added.

Leadership - who is in charge?Leading the post-production team, upholding ethics and maintaining respect when dealing with others. Supporting and developing junior members of the team.The supervisors are in charge as they are responsible for the post - production process, which during they maintain clarity of information and good channels of communcition between the :Producer, Editor, Supervising, and Sound editors.Also the facilities companys such as : Film labs, CGI studios, negative cutters and the production itself

Key Skills For Post - Production ?There are many key skills for post - production.Some key skills i think that are important are :Management and leadership - leading the post-production team, upholding ethics and maintaining respect when dealing with others. Supporting and developing junior members of the team.Budget - you need to be able to do things on budget as not everyone can afford expensive equipment so finding a way which everyone is able to afford on and.Teamwork - collaboration within own and with other departments. Working closely with key stakeholders and working with other people in your department.Flexibility - willing to listen and learn and to accept help, changing priorities and working requirements.Respectful - everyone in the post - production is different to each other, some have disbalities but just because of that everyone should be treated fairly no matter what they are because anything is possible in day to day life. Plan / Research - Planning what you are needing to do is a good way of putting what you are having to do together in a way you understand it. Also by doing research you can understand the thing more, seeing what it is all about.

Roles Of Post - Production ?There many roles in post - prodution.Some key roles are :Post-Production Runner - there role is to keep the suites tidy, make tea and arrange meals which sometimes they work at reception, answering calls and making people feel welcome when coming in for the day. They do alot of admin which some of this is labeling pictures, sound files, printing, distrubiting and filling continuity notes for dramas.Online Editor - there role is to polish the edits made by the picture editor to create the final version of the production which they are sometimes also known as finishing editors. ADR Editor - Your probably thinking what ADR stands for well, it stands for, "Automated Dialogue Replacement".An ADR records the additional dialogue needed to complete a feature film, telvison drama, and somtimes a documentry. Sound Assistant - Start off doing similar jobs to a runner - such as keeping the suites tidy - and also contribute to the sound department by ingesting material. Colourisit - Contribute to the mood and look of a film by defining its colours. They work with the director and director of photography to decide the palette: whether it’s restrained or hyper-coloured and if it uses milky colours or primary ones.