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Brussels Trip cancellation timeline

Oct. 16

Terrorist attack takes place

Morning Oct. 17

Decision is made to cancel the trip

Second block Oct. 17

Students are informed

Afternoon, Oct. 17

Shooter is killed

Second block, October 17, 2023

Students informed

Students were informed of the cancelation during the school day, shortly after the decision was made."Someone shouted about it during science, "Schonfeld said. "Everyone just started talking about it.

Afternoon, October 17, 2023

Shooter is killed

Police shot and killed the gunman following an investigation.

The administration and the Athletics department met with the security team, US embassy and UK embassy. After deliberation, the school decided to cancel the Brussels trip.

Morning of October 17, 2023

Decision to cancel is made

Two Swedish nationals were killed in a terrorist attack, just before the Belgium-Sweden Euro qualifer match as per the BBC.

October 16, 2023

Terrorist attack takes place