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This is a brief presentation to improve and use generative AI in academia as instructor


Using AI in anAcademic centext

It is essential to critically evaluate AI-generated content before using it, as it may be inaccurate, misleading, entirely fabricated, or offensive.


Getting the resuts

Knowing how to ask the right question.

With all the talk about AI these days it doesn't take long till you come across the term, Promt Engineering. What is it and do I need it? Some are quick to make a career out or helping organisations to get the most out of AI but a few simple steps can help you to get better results out of your AI service. Be that ChatGPT, Google Bard, Microsoft or any of the multitute of offerings popping up every day."Prompt engineering is the process of structuring text that can be interpreted and understood by a generative AI model"

Getting the Results

So how do I ask better questions?

Be Specific: Avoid generic prompts like "write a brief for..." Ask yourself who it will be for? first year or Masters students. Set the tone / audience. What has to be included or excluded. Be descriptive and try to include as much detail as you can.

Give the AI a persona. Getting the AI to behave as if it were a type of person, process, or object with help contextualise the response. "Act like a tutor" will give very different results to "Act like a instructional designer"

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Rework your Prompts

Dont hesitate to rework your prompts for better results. Sometimes making a few small changes can make a big difference in the result. Be sure to specify your preffered output too. After clarifying want you want, add your prefferred output. "Create a (format of output) about (something) that contains (something else)” etc.

Give it an example

Provide the AI with an example sentence or paragraph to help it learn your desired style. However, be careful not to infringe on copyright. Avoid uploading copyrighted works and asking the AI to rewrite or reproduce them, or to create substantially similar works.

Ask it for help

If you are not getting the results you are looking for, ask it for help with your prompts."what should I ask you to help me write a ..." or "what else should Include to get a better result for ..." can be added at the end of your prompt.Ultimately Generative AI is built on Large Language models with the puporose to predict an outcome. Be conversational and leverage its vast resource to better define and steer you own explorations.

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