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What is God's job?

©2022 Kapow Primary


©2023 Kapow Primary


Select each speech bubble to view people's thoughts from different worldviews on God's job.

Everything is a cycle, like the life cycle of a plant or animal, it is God's job to keep the cycle moving.

God does not HAVE to do anything because God is God and has no boss! God’s job is to look after the animals and people, for example making rain fall so we have water to drink and making food grow so that we have food to eat.

God’s job is to love and care for his wonderful creation!

God has many jobs - one of which is to keep us all alive! God has a job in guiding us towards doing good actions and in answering our prayers, along with so much more.

Ahura Mazda’s job is to help us to make the right choices in life.