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ASL's Hiring Process for Teachers


Job Posting


Application Collection


Screening Calls


Reference Checks


Final Decision


Panel Round


Interview with Head of School


Formal Letter

HR reaches out to the chosen candidate by sending a confirmation letter detailing their selection for the position and providing the paperwork needed.

Once the candidate is selected for the position, HR notifies the High School Principal who calls the chosen candidate to congratulate them.

The two final candidates are interviewed by the Head of School.

After narrowing down the pool of applicants, HR does a thorough recheck of references.

The panel round involves an interview, usually with HR representatives, the department chair and a leader of the High School, to evaluate candidates' skills and fit for the position from multiple perspectives.

Candidates are interviewed to allow HR and the members of the High School administration to assess candidate qualifications and suitability for further stages in the hiring process.

HR reviews received applications, screening for basic qualifications and relevance to the job description.

The school is informed of an upcoming vacancy for a teaching position, prompting Human Resources to advertise the new opening on the school's website.