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Food ExplorationChinese

By: Sean Stephanik HES210



Carb Stapels:

  • Rice
  • Noodles
Protein Stapels
  • Seafood
  • Beef
  • Pork
Another Stapel
  • Vegetables


Chinese cuisine is incredibly diverse, with variations across regions and historical influences. A "typical" Chinese diet and related behaviors and attitudes can vary widely within the country. However, there are some common features and cultural practices that can be discussed in relation to overall health:


  1. Salt and Sodium
Some Chinese dishes, especially those containing soy sauce and other salty condiments, can be high in sodium. Excessive salt intake is associated with hypertension and other health issues. 2. Cooking MethodsThe use of deep-frying and heavy oil in some dishes can contribute to high calorie content and an increased risk of heart disease and obesity.


  1. Diverse and Nutrient-rich
The Chinese diet, with its emphasis on a variety of vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, can provide a well-balanced and nutrient-rich source of nutrition. 2. Cultural PracticesFamily-oriented meals, mindfulness about food balance, and seasonal eating contribute to a holistic approach to well-being and a healthier relationship with food.

Positive & Negative aspects-Related to health

Overview of Exploration

I visited my friend's family owned Chinese restranunt called "Green Tea". I was really excited to do a food exploration here because I haven't came here much. I explained the assignment to his family and they made me one of their favorite meal that I haven't tried and also brought some of their favorite snacks. This was a very new experience because I have never tried any chinese snacks.

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My Experience

- The Beef & Broccoli was really good. One unique thing was their sauce was sweet and salty.- The seaweed snack didn't have a strong taste. It was salty and tasted earthy.


Proof of Exploration

- This is me doing the food exploration. For the main dish I tried their Beef & Brocolli, which can be seen in the video and image.- I got out of my comfort zone and tried one of their favoriote snacks. It was the seeweed snack.

I experienced the difference in culutures that relates to food. After completing this food exploration one thing I highlighted was the wide range of food in the Chinese cuisine. It seems like they aren't scared to try things, which is something I can take away from.


In summary, the Chinese diet and cultural practices can have both positive and negative impacts on overall health. The key to a healthy diet within Chinese culture, as in any culture, is to focus on balance, moderation, and mindful food choices. Traditional elements of Chinese cuisine, such as an emphasis on fresh vegetables and balanced meals, can contribute to a healthy lifestyle when combined with modern knowledge about nutrition and portion control.