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The game of

Flutter Kicks

Push Ups

Bear Crawl

Jump Rope


Low plank

Jumping Jacks

Hammer Curls

Twist lunge (w/ weight)


Squat Jumps

Tricep Press

Side Lunge

Up Down Planks


Sumo Squat

High Knees

Snowboard Squat



High Plank

Roll the virutal die, move to your marker, do the exercise for 45 seconds.


Community Chest


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Get some water!

Run a lap.

Go back 3 spaces.

Roll again. Add 15 seconds to your exercise.

Roll again, take 15 seconds off the next exercise.

Go back two spaces.

Skip to an exercise of your choice.

Remove one of your opponent's houses.

Do 5 burpees.

Go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and run a lap.

Add a house to a space of your choice.

Advance your token to the nearest exercise that hasn't been done yet. Do the exercise.

Hold chair for 45 seconds.

Each player must choose a color: blue, green, yellow or pink. He/she gets a tile to mark his/her position and 10 houses to indicate the properties he/she acquires during the game.Each player must take the tile of his/her color and place it on the starting square.To start playing, click on the dice and move your piece to the corresponding square.In each square there must be one or more questions. If you get it right, place one of your houses on that square - congratulations, you have a new property!Special squares: the squares with icons contain penalties such as "Player pays electricity tax: loses 2 houses". Get the question right to avoid the penalty!The player who has the highest number of houses on the board once all the squares are occupied wins.