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Advice for your team multimedia presentations




To Prepare for your TMP...

  • Read through your team's IRRs
  • Memorize your slides/notecards
  • Look over and practice the oral defense questions
  • Communicate with your team members about any changes you make to the TMP
  • Practice your presentation with your team

  • Forget to practice the oral defense questions or memorize your slides/notecards
  • Make changes to the TMP without consulting your team members

To be successful during your TMP...


  • Dress your best
  • Bring your notecards
  • Use effective presentation techniques:
    • Make eye contact
    • Project your voice
    • Interact with the slides
    • Be energetic/enthusastic
    • Pace yourself (slow down)
  • Be a good audience member


  • Forget your notecards
  • Use these techniques while presenting:
    • Overly on your notecards/slides
    • Avoid eye contact
    • Use filler words such as "um" or "like"
    • Fidget
    • Use a monotone voice
  • Be disrespectful while others are presenting.