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This PD presentation was created with the intention of showing teachers and staff how to use IXL as a data management and monitoring system, not just as busy work.


Breaking Down

Data & Engagement

Have a question, comment, or concern? Add it to the parking lot!


By the end of the session, we will: Examine how IXL’s engagement and assessment tools can assist us in creating and maintaining a differentiated and intentional learning environment for students.

Engagement tools

Live Classroom

Group Jam


A fun way to keep track of student progress. As a teacher, you can modify this to meet whatever features you'd like to include.

View students progress in IXL skills in real-time, send messages, and monitor students who may need help.

Invite students to work the exact same questions and skills -- as a whole group, small group, or partners.

Score Grid

Skill Plan Alignment



Student View

Diagnostic Arena

Teacher View


Questions per week to keep student data current and accurate.

Students choose a question to start
Enter the diagnostic arena

Student view

Action Items