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Nathaly Barrantes

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"Airborne pollutants cause more health problems than any other transport mechanism because the entire biosphere is surrounded by air (ibid., 166)." Pg.172

This line in the text concerns me because the same air we breathe and our planet's vital atmosphere could simultaneously carry harmful pollutants. This also makes me feel responsible as it reminds me of how connected we all are and how the decisions made in one place can impact another. This motivates me to promote laws and procedures that lessen air pollution and its harmful impacts on human health.

"Ozone can often be recognized by its smell, a sharp odor said to resemble chlorine bleach or the smell of clean bed sheets" pg.175-176

I found the comparison to the smell silly but necessary, as its familiar smell helps many identify the smell of ozone. I never knew what kind of smell it could be, but now that I know, It amazes me to see how words and descriptions may help us understand and relate to the world around us.

BPA- Bisphenol A

BPA is a known chemical employed mainly in manufacturing polycarbonate polymers. The epoxy resins that coat some metal food cans, bottle caps, water supply pipes, shatterproof windows, eyewear, and water bottles also include it. (See "Bisphenol A (BPA)," n.d.) BPA threatens the endocrine system. It links to concerns with development and reproduction, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. BPA can accumulate in the bodies of animals and later spread through the food chain, harming a wide variety of organisms and habitats. In response to health concerns, many countries and regions have implemented regulations to reduce BPA exposure in products, particularly those associated with food and drink.

"All this is not to say there is no insect problem and no need of control. I am saying, rather, that control must be geared to realities, not to mythical situations, and that the methods employed must be such that they do not destroy us along with the insects." Pg. 30

I agree with this statement as I wouldn't say I like insects. I would rather deal with them than be affected by the chemicals and toxins used to kill them. We could take some preventative measures, like using organic and non-invasive insect control methods or having better hygiene and sealing ways insects could get in. I think having appropriate hygiene in houses is very important as many insects would not want to be in a clean place, so I keep my house clean and rarely have to deal with them.