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Drug Use

The following resources should be used to prompt open and honest discussions about drug use.


Hover and click on each icon to access information and resources on drug use.

'Wedi Nos'



Discussion Prompts

Reflection Worksheet

'Talk to Frank'

Discussion Prompts

1. When people take drugs, they never really know what they are taking. 2. It is important for people to make their own mind up about taking substances. 3. Making healthy choices regarding drugs, alcohol and tobacco is easy. 4. Young people mostly use drugs because their friends do. 5. Young people take drugs because they’ve been pressured into it by friends. 6. Young people like taking risks and find taking drugs exciting. 7. When a young person chooses to say ‘no’ to taking drugs, they will get picked on. 8. Cannabis should be legalised, as it is in other countries. 9. Celebrities glamourise drug use. 10. Taking drugs can help people to escape reality, perhaps because of traumatic experiences and difficult feelings.

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