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Life Cycle of a flower

1st Grade Science

By: Rebecca Allen

Today you will understand the life cycle of a flower

You are going to interact with seven different buttons of different information to learn this life cycle. You are going to review this content and then we will discuss it as a class. There will be information hidden in the photo. Make sure you find it!

All flowers start from seeds. This is how they begin and end their life cycles. They are born from seeds and at the end of their life cycle they produce more seeds so that there can continue to be more and more seeds!

A seedling comes before a sprout? Write what you think. Do you think this is true for all plants or just flowers? We will discuss this as a class.

This is the cycle of a flower! It is the same for all flowers! On a sheet of paper I would like you to try to draw the cycle by memory after you have completed all of these interactive buttons!

Watch this and write down what holds the seeds in place.

Watch this video. Then write down how seeds go from on the plant to the ground?

Difference between sprout and seedling

The easiest way to remember the difference is that sprout turn into seedling. Seedling are baby plants that have grown leaves and sprouts are just the beginning of a stem or plant forming. Write down which one is in the photo.

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