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Blackbeard and Anne Bonny



By Remi

Pirate Intro

Abowt Pirates

Pirates were meen and didn't hav a nise life. They rode in botes and were meen to the peple they cot. They rarly had a dry plase to sleep and didn't take baths, so they were always stinky.It was a danjerus ocupashun and if they were cot, they cood be hanged. So why wood any one wunt to be a pirate? They were promised they wood get rich.

Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

Born abowt 1680Died November 22, 1718

SCARYSaled on Queen Ann's RevengeGot his hed cut off.

Mom wusn't dad's wife so she got dressed as a boy and hid. Married James Bonny but she wusn't happy, so she ran away as a pirate with Calico Jack.Cot and sentensed to die but was pregnant so she got away. No one nos wut happened to her.

Anne Bonny

"Maybe if you had fot like a man, you woodn't be abowt to die like a dog."