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The Untamed Spirit of Islay


EST. 1815... OR WAS IT?TIP: Embossed in the glass you’ll find "Established in 1815" and the "A" logo. It’s so cool, people get it tattooed. True story.

Distilled on Islay, a small rugged island off the southwestern coast of Scotland known for its smoky whiskies, Ardbeg is famous worldwide for its bold and complex, yet balanced flavors.Founded officially in 1815 (yet may have been run by pirates before that), there have been many ups and downs in its history. However, Ardbeg’s irrepressible spirit persisted as it survived against all odds, with the help of its most loyal fans.


Ardbeg has been named ‘Whisky of the Year’ no less than 4 times and ‘Distillery of the Year’ 3 times.Some accolades to share!2023Ardbeg 10 YO: IWC (International Whisky Competition) Best Single Malt Scotch 10 Year OldArdbeg Wee Beastie: IWC Best Single Malt Scotch Under 10 Year OldIslay Distillery of the Year for the fourth year in a row at the New York International Spirits Competition. 2022Distillery of the Year at the IWC (4th time to recieve this award)Winner of the IWC Golden Barrel Trophy in 2021. Competition.Of course, you'll find all the ratings and more here on MH Academy.


Ardbeg is truly the Ultimate single malt Scotch Whisky. There have been many ups and downs in its history. However, Ardbeg’s irrepressible spirit persisted as it survived against all odds, with the help of its most loyal fans.In 2000, Ardbeg 10 Years Old was released and the worldwide Ardbeg Committee was formed to ensure the doors never closed again.Truly, there is no scotch like it. So complex and layered. So intense, yet so balanced. Fruity, floral, sea-breeze, smoke — such a trip for the tongue! Try a dram. Or do an Ardbeg rinse in your glass, then pour in your favorite cocktail for the Ultimate smoky twist!

TIP: How many products on earth have their own one-of-a-kind global fan club? We do, and it’s called the Ardbeg Committee. Honestly, these people love Ardbeg so much they get tattooed with our logo!


Ardbeg is from the Isle of Islay. "Isle" is pronounced "eye-el." "Islay" is pronounced "EYE-la" or, if you prefer, "i-la," just please don’t say "iz-lay." And if you forget where it’s from just look at the label. Islay is referenced 3 times on the front!ISLAY STATS- 3,228 people live on Islay- 240 square miles of land- 9 distilleries- 30,000 sheep- Ancient land: humans arrived here more than 8,000 years ago- It's a 45 minute flight from Glasgow to Islay


SINGLE means whisky made at a single distillery.MALT refers to the process of using malted barley for the raw material. Malting is the multi-step process of germinating the barley to produce sugars and then drying it before fermentation.SCOTCH is any whisky produced and matured in Scotland.WHISKY is any spirit made from a grain or cereal — in this case barley.


TIP: When you get to the "Non chill-filtered" statement, it should remind you of the outstanding craftsmanship of Ardbeg.

The Craftsmanship of Ardbeg

No Chill-Filtration

Dr. Bill Lumsden

The Peaty Paradox: Copper Purifier

Dark & Mysterious: Loch Uigeadail

No Color Added


TIP: Need some quick tasting notes? Right there on the label, you'll get some descriptors of the smoky and intense whisky on the inside.Additionally, need to study up on germination and the malting process? We have it all on MH ACADEMY!

Ardbeg’s Ten Years Old is the peaty icon of the range – Immense smoky intensity unlike anything else.Ardbeg is the peatiest (smokiest) of all the Islay malts (with an astounding 55 parts per million phenol). Miles of dense peat sit on Islay which is used to smoke our malted barley and create the signature taste profile that Ardbeg is lauded for. Despite Ardbeg’s intense smokiness, it is renowned the world over for its incredible balance and complexity.Wait, what is peat anyway? It’s a dense soil consisting of partly decomposed vegetable matter that takes thousands of years to develop. It is harvested and dried and then can be used as a fuel source. When making single malt Scotch they germinate the barley. At a certain point, you need to stop the germination and that is done with heat. At Ardbeg, the heat source is from peat smoke and, like your clothes at a bonfire, the barley soaks up all the smoke.Remember: Ardbeg has the peatiest core range of all Scotch Whiskies!


The flagship of Ardbeg!ORIGINIntroduced in 2000. The first to make the bold step of bottling the Ardbeg range all non chill-filtered.MATURATIONMatured in a ex-Bourbon American Oak casks to deliver vanilla sweetness and spiciness.​ Non chill-filtered and bottled at 46% ABV.PALATEAn immense, exuberant and tumultuous dram, packing a punch with its raw, smoky power. Among the peatiest and smokiest of all the Islay malts, yet perfectly balanced: the Ultimate Islay Malt.

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Ardbeg has an online cocktail database that is part of the The Single Malt Cocktail Playbook. Share it!

Ardbeg can be enjoyed the same way you would enjoy any Scotch Whisky: neat, with a splash of water, or on ice.Additionally, Ardbeg's untamed spirit can also provide delicious smoky and savory notes to your cocktail creations.Try Ardbeg in a Daiquiri, a smoky Last Word, an Old Fashioned, or a brilliant take on a Penicillin.


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We are blessed with a bountiful supply of cold water – essential for the production of malt whisky. Loch Uigeadail (meaning ‘dark and mysterious place’) is one of the largest bodies of water on all of Islay and guarantees the purity and consistency of our precious source water.

Dark & Mysterious: Loch Uigeadail

No Chill-Filtration

All Ardbeg expressions are non chill-filtered for extra texture, mouthfeel, and maximum flavor. Most distilleries do chill-filtering to ensure stability and reduce cloudiness, but you risk also removing the great aromatics and mouthfeel we work so hard to get into our scotch. Why would we filter it off?

Ardbeg is unorthodox. Ardbeg doesn’t behave like other distilleries. Crafted by Dr. Bill Lumsden, Ardbeg is scientifically the peatiest scotch. Ardbeg is the only distillery on Islay that utilizes a quirky piece of kit know as a purifier. It’s what gives Ardbeg its uniquely complex floral notes, whilst maintaining our wild and untamed side. Some say it’s the key to our “Peaty Paradox”.

The Peaty Paradox: Copper Purifier

Who is this handsome dog?This is Shortie! Ardbeg's famous canine mascot!The peatiest nose on Islay.


Does Ardbeg look lighter than some other whiskies? Sometimes.Well, there is a reason for that: No color (Spirit caramel) is added to Ardbeg whisky!

No Color Added

Dr. Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation, and Whisky Stocks, holds a PhD in Biochemistry and is regarded as a pioneer of innovation in the malt whisky industry. In 2021, Dr. Bill Lumsden was honored for the fifth time by the International Whisky Competition as Master Distiller of the Year, having previously won in 2016, 2017, 2019, & 2020. He is also the only person to have been recognized as two-time Master Distiller of the Year by the International Spirits Challenge, 2015 and 2018.

Dr. Bill Lumsden