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Resilience toolkit

Put my resilience into action

Resilience for People Managers

Build myresilience

Measure myresilience

Resilience toolkit

Build myresilience

How to Establish Daily Rhythms That Build Resilience

Positive Psychology Perspective: Building Resilience & Maximising Your Energy

A Year to Change Your Mind by Dr Lucy Maddox

Access the Resilience catalogue of microlearnings on Grow

To support you building your resilience in different areas, you can access the resources we have curated below. Each month we will highlight one area of resilience but you can access all the resources at any time. Select See more to view the resources.

Build my resilience


We've created deeper-dive learning programmes for People Managers which can be accessed through Grow.

Resilience for People Managers

The programme includes:

  • Building resilient teams
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Leading through change

Go to Resilience for People Managers

What is resilience? How resilient are you? How do you know when you need support to build your resilience?We've curated several articles and links to help you answer these questions.

Measure my resilience

Take the Wellbeing quiz to measure your resilience

Read: A guide to measuring resilience

Read: What is resilience and why does it matter?

Below are some activities and resources that you can practice on your own or during your day-to-day work.

Put my resilience into action

Action for Happiness - Resilience

Try journalling for reflection: reflect on the events of your day, your reactions, and the emotions you experienced.

Try positive affirmations and goal setting:create a list of positive affirmations that counter negative thoughts. Set realistic short-term and long-term goals for yourself.