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Seira R. and Juanmaurilio V.


Strategic Management

Artificial Inteeligence is a tool, not a threaat. -Rodney Brooks

a tool used to gain a macro picture of an industry environment


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- recycling broken and unused electronic devices- Environmental impacts of manufacturing products in China- impacts on shipping and supply chain routes

- Increasing privacy regulations and protections- Challenges to Apple’s policies and practices related to the app store

- Growing technological and development capabilities of the competitive set.- Pressure from cybercriminals







Example: APPLE

- Rising global use of mobile access- Increasing global dependence on digital ecosystems- Anti-Apple sentiment



- Changing economic tides and forecasts- Supply chain scarcity and resource constraints- stagnant changes to income of consumers- rapid growth in emerging markets for entry-level products



- Trade disputes (China and the US)- Pressure from federal regulators on antitrust- Increasing political pressure



AI can:

- sift through massive amounts of data- identify patterns- extract relevant insights for PESTLE factors. - forecast trends based on historical data through predictive capabilities- continuously monitor and update the data(ex. scour through online articles, social media posts, and public documents)→ saves time + adds a layer of accuracy that human analysis might miss.

Lemonade is one of the few insurance companies to receive B-Corporation certification. The company is a public benefit corporation organised under Delaware law, which means that it is legally permitted to consider the interests of all its constituents, not solely the interests of its owners, in operating its business. “So although Lemonade seeks to make a profit, our mission is also to be a force for public good."

Examples include:- Workers' rights- Fair trade laws- Human rights issues

BONUS: the ETHICAL factor

Using the telematics technology in our app, we’re able to estimate how much carbon dioxide is emitted by each ride, and plant trees accordingly

  • Brainstorm a brief description of a company or a use case that you're interested in
  • Input you prompt to API and ask it to create a PESTLE analysis
    • Do any of the points differ from what you were imagining?
    • Add ethical consideration to your prompt if possible or ask API to come up with ideas

Create a PESTLE analysis using AI



The uses of advanced technology.

Hyperautomation in Strategy



hyperautomation refers to the use of artificial intelligence and automation technologies to streamline and optimize various strategic processes. This includes tasks such as data collection, analysis, decision-making, and report generation. Companies, by leveraging AI tools, can make more efficient and strategic decisions. Data collection, and everything mentioned can be found by AI--hyperautomated AI-- to prevent human error and make in a more timely manner.

What can it do?

in the realm of strategy

Travel and Expense Management

Humans are not as efficient as we might think...


  • Think of a task that is tedious In the managerial side of your field of interest and you wish we had a system to save us time.
  • Once you have one, add this prompt to API-- with your desired task--
    • With all the challenges of [your desired field/topic], [problem with that task ]
    • Can you create a process that uses hyperautomation to make travel and expense management more efficient?
    • Please describe all the processes needed.

How organizations can do this more effectively.


Using API to hyperautomate a tedious task:


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- What stood out in your AI response? - How did the AI's response differ from your anticipated response?- What problems do you see arising?

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