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Part of making goals achievable is that they are actionable. Creating a plan that is structured with long-term goals and more specific short-term goals will help make that a reality.

The three goal properties are:

  • Specificity - does your goal paint a clear picture?
  • Proximity - are your goals structured as both short and long-term?
  • Difficulty - is your goal just challenging enough?

Your ability to manage time to complete tasks toward a larger goal will be something that will set you apart in the workplace. Consider using a tool (follow this icon's link to a set of possible options) to help you track your goal progress.

This article offers some practical tips, including the Seinfeld method ("don't break the chain!!"), for tracking and reviewing your progress toward your goals.

SMART goals are the golden standard we use to ensure our vision is actionable. Check out this quick video (3:57) for an overview of the SMART components and how to implement them.