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Tiffany A. Smith Life Memorial Centre

Understanding Pre-Need

Tiffany A. Smith Life Memorial Centre

03. How to Create A Pre-Need

02.The benefits of making arrangements in advance.

01. What is A Pre-Need?


01. What Is a Pre-Need?

  • A Pre-Need refers to making arrangements for one's funeral or cremation services before the time of need.
  • At-need / Pre-need
  • What will be the goal of our pre-need meeting?
    • Establish the type of Rite and Disposition you would like to have.
    • Rite and Dispositon are different.
      • Funeral is respect shown a deceased.
      • Final rites are administered by clergymen. (COMMITAL SERVICE)
    • Most common form of Disposition
      • Burial, Cremation, Graveside, Donation etc.
      • Body Donation for science requires prior paperwork.
    • Discuss & Breakdown the price of your choices.
  • Locking in the current prices and protecting against inflation.
    • Cremation 2020 - $995 2023 - $1950
  • Prepayment
    • Up to 60 months / 5 years
    • $32.50
    • The funds are placed in a trust
    • When your total is reached, you are done paying
  • Relieving the Burden:
    • Your wishes are spelled out for those that are planning for your rite.
    • Does my loved one want to be buried or cremated?

02. The benefits of making arrangements in advance.

03. How do I create a pre-need?

2. Do I have to make a downpayment?The only required down payment is the "State Audit Fee ($25)The balance is broken down for up to 60 months.After we make the contract, the trust company "Missouri Funeral Trust", will send you a coupon booklet for the set amount of payments that we have agreed on

1. Visit the Funeral Home / Cemetery that you are thinking about taking a contract with.Cemetery requirements can affect the price of your pre-need. Cemetery requirments question.Is an outer burial/valt required?What kind of headstone can I have in this section?Can I prepay with the Cemetery?(Cemetery requirments can not be guatanteed)

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