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Name of event. Where applicable add the year of the event also. e.g Glorious Conference 2023

Always 'No'

RM responsible for event. Sponsorships will be created to this individual.

Person helping with the pre-planning and coordination before the event. For silver and above this can be your Events team contact.

Person (likely event team member or RM) on the ground to manage the event.

Link the organisation (every event must be linked to an organisation).

Enter the event start date

Enter the event end date

Fill an estimated number of sponsorships from the event and if non, put zero (0).

Fill in the number of profiles required and if non, put zero (0). Tip: 3 times the number of expected Sponsorships is a good place to start.

Set to ‘Regional Event’ for most events. This includes events with an ambassador focus but that involve an RM on the evening doing the ask or if an RM initiated the event. It should only be set to ‘National’ after consultation with the Events team. Set to ‘Ambassador’ if the event involves an ambassador and will be largely managed by the Events team or Ambassador with minimal support from RM. Sponsorships from event type ‘Ambassador’ will not get credited to the Regional Manager.

Active = Event approved and confirmedPotential = Event likely to take place, awaiting Compassion approval or full details from organiserWhen to change: Some information here about when to change the status (update to postponed or cancelled when that happens)