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Prophet mohammad (1)

1. Recognize the challenges faced by Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr during their escape.2. Reflect on the miraculous event of the goat giving milk.3. Evaluate the actions of Umm Ma'bad and her interaction with Prophet Muhammad.4. Understand the relationship between Abu Bakr and Prophet Muhammad.5. Identify the main characters in the story of Prophet Muhammad's Hijrah.6. Determine the significance of Suraagah's encounter with Prophet Muhammad and his companions.7. Compare the reactions of different groups towards Prophet Muhammad's escape.8. Formulate the reasons for the pursuit of Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr.9. Analyze the role of Asmaa' in helping Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr.10. Determine the relationship between trust in Allah and taking necessary precautions.11 Reflect on the lessons learned from the story of Suraagah.12 Recognize the importance of trust in Allah in the Islamic faith.13. Analyze Prophet Muhammad's actions in planning his journey and the role of trust in Allah.14 Argue the importance of planning and trust in Allah in one's life.15 Compare the Islamic attitude towards trust in Allah with other belief systems.16 Formulate ways to apply the lessons from the story of Suraagah in one's own life.17 Identify the main characters and their roles in the story of Suraagah.18 Define the concept of miracles in Islam and provide examples. 19 Explain the significance of the token written on a piece of parchment in the story.

Learning Outcomes

Hijrah (The Emigration) Allah's Messenger stayed in the cave in Mount Thawr along with Abu Bakr. Having been baffled and exasperated when the news of their escape was confirmed, the Quraysh offered a price of 100 camels to anyone who would capture them. After three nights, when the hue and cry had diminished,"Abdullaah ibn Urayqit, the man they had hired as a guide brought them their camels along. Asmaa', Abu Bakr's daughter, also provided them with provisions they needed for the journey.

She tied such provisions up in a bundle of her waistband after tearing it into two parts, and that is how she came to be known as dhaat-un-nitaaqayn (the one with the two waistbands). The Prophet , Abu Bakr and 'Aamir ibn Furayhah departed, and their guide, 'Abdullah ibn Urayqit, led them on hardly ever trodden ways along the coastal route.

After they had left, a group of the Quraysh, including Abu Jahl, came and stood at Abu Bakr's door. Asmaa' went out to answer the door, and they asked, "Where is your father, O daughter of Abu Bakr?" When she replied that she did not know, Abu Jahl, an evil and rough man, slapped her so severely that one of her earrings was sent flying in the air. Then they left. The Prophet and Abu Bakr set off and travelled fast by day and night until midday. Abu Bakr strained his eyes to see some shade where they could take shelter.

He saw a rock and they hurried down to it. There was a shady spot underneath the rock. Abu Bakr cleaned the ground, spread his mantle for the Prophet to lie on and then he went off in search of food. He came across a herdsman and he asked him for some milk. Then he took it to the Prophet , cooled it with some water and waited till the Prophet woke up and quenched his thirst. Then they left again, their pursuers were still after them.

On their way, they passed by Umm Ma'bad, daughter of Ka'b of the Banu Ka'b ibn Khuza'ah, a tribe that lived in the neighbourhood of Makkah. Weary and exhausted, the Prophet and his companions wanted to refresh themselves with some food and milk. The gracious lady told them that she had no food for them as they had suffered a severe drought.

The Story of Umm Ma'bad Al-Khuzaa'iyah

The Prophet then noticed a goat at the side of her tent and asked, "What about that goat, Umm Ma'bad?" She replied, "It is a goat that was left over from the goats after the drought." "Does it give milk?" he asked. "No, it is too dried up for that," she replied. With her permission, the Prophet stroked its udder, reciting Allah's name over it. To their great joy, milk poured out in copious flow. He filled a large vessel with milk and gave it to the lady to drink first, and then he shared what was left with his companions. Before he left, he milked the goat, filled the container and gave it to Umm Ma'bad.

The Prophet and his party had hardly gone far when there appeared on the horizon a horseman galloping at full speed towards them. Possibly the incident took place on the second day after the Prophet and his companions left the cave. The horseman was Suraaqah ibn Maalik who had learnt of the Prophet's whereabouts from a traveller. Anxious to get the prize of a hundred camels, Suraaqah stole out of Makkah. When he was in sight of the Prophet ( ale and his companions, his horse stumbled twice and he fell on the ground, but he persisted in his hot pursuit.

The Story of Suraaqah

no harm

swearing that he intended

As he drew still nearer, his horse stumbled so badly that its fore hooves sank deep in the sand and he fell on the ground again. Suraaqah was very frightened, as it became clear to him that the Prophet and his party were protected from him by Divine Power. He called out loudly, naming himself and

The Prophet and his companions waited for him. When he came up to them, they requested him not to disclose their whereabouts to the Quraysh.

The Prophet forgave him and confirmed this with a token written on a piece of parchment. Suraaqah departed in peace, pledging that he would keep his pledge. Suraaqah used the document as a token at the time of the conquest of Makkah to gain access to the Prophet and declare his acceptance of Islam.

Muslims believe that nothing can take place in the universe against the will of Allah. Indeed, Allah the Almighty has power over everything. The laws of the universe operate according to His Will. Only He has the power over them and can cause them to stop as He wills. He can also cause any law of the universe to operate where it normally does not.

What does the story of Suraaqa teach Muslims?

This results in what is called 'miracles'. In planning his risky journey, the Prophet left nothing to chance. He planned it with great care. He did all that was possible to ensure his safety and that of his companions. When he had done all that he moved with complete trust in Allah. This is the true Islamic attitude which Muslims should adopt in their lives.

1.The Quraysh set up the reward of for anyone who would find and return the Prophet and Abu Bakr 2. accompanied Abu Bakr and the Prophet on the way to Madeenah.

A. Fill in the blanks.

3. The Prophet performed the miracle on the goat of Umm Ma'bad in the Name of4. In planning for his journey, the Prophet left nothing to

A. Fill in the blanks.

B. Answer the following questions.

From previous knowledge, why do you think the Prophet stayed in Mount Thawr?

C. Think-up


Why did Asmaa' come to be called 'the one with the two waistbands'?

What obstacles had Allah placed in Suraaqah's way to protect the Prophet from him?

What explanation did Umm Ma bad give for not being hospitable to his guests - the Prophet and his companions?

What did Suraaqah ask of the Prophet ? What did he do with it?

What does the incident of Suraaqah teach Muslims?

What lesson do Muslims learn in the way the Prophet planned his migration?