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This training will provide and overview of Ethoca and Verifi and highlight the best Guru resources to access when working these cases.

Ethoca & Verifi


Ethoca and Verifi are partners that give the Chargeback team the ability to resolve a Chargeback prior to it going into the Vantiv/AmEx system. Chargebacks that are accepted within the Ethoca/Verifi system will be processed as a manual refund (vs. a Chargeback) and therefore will not be counted in Vantiv/AmEx towards our overall Company’s Chargeback volume. Any Chargebacks that the team rejects in Ethoca/Verifi will then be routed to Vantiv/AmEx as a typical Chargeback.The overall goal is to keep our Chargeback volume (by card type) under 1%. If we exceed the 1%, we will incur a $75/chargeback fee.Important note: When working, please prioritize cases in Ethoca so that we can insure we are clearing these cases within the 24-48-hour timeframe and they do not turn into a Chargeback.

Ethoca & Verifi Overview


  • Date of Charge:
  • Amount of Refund:
  • Accepted due to Verifi Expectations


  • Date of Charge
  • Amount of Refund
  • Accepted due to expectations of confirmed fraud Ethoca/Verifi Pre-Chargeback

When creating the Salesforce case for disputes the information below is used for the case description. This applies to both Ethoca and Verifi cases.

All Other Ethoca / Verif


Salesforce Case Description Details

  • Verifi - Types of cases and outcomes to choose
  • Working Verifi Cases (CDRN)
  • Working Verifi Member Care cases
  • How to Log into Ethoca
  • Working Ethoca Cases
  • Ethoca Master Card Cases




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