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Civil Rights kids museum

Civil Rights for Kids By: Alex Gutierrez

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Rosa Parks

Selma Marches

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Room 01

Birmingham, 1965

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In the early 1960s Birmingham was considered the most rasist city in the country. MLK decided to bring the civil rights movement to there. On the first day he arived in Birmingham he was arrested. He wrote letters from jail explaining the civil rights movement. After MLK was released from jail little people wanted to get arrested. MLK had a good idea, use children to lead the marches. He was wrong. The chief police, Bull Conner, used attack dogs and high pressure hosses to attack the children. People arround the nation watched the horrific events happining to these children.

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This picture shows children geting sprayed by hoses.😢Nearly 60 years later police brutality is still hear. These children did nothing wrong, yet they're met with violence.

Police used attack dogs and violence to deter protesters.😢Attack dogs really seem brutal. That's cause it is. Many people were injured by these dogs.

Many people were put in jail just for protesting. 😤Children put in jail for nothing. The scarieness and the brutality that these children faced were horrific.

Room 02

Selma Marches, 1965

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Selma Alabama was a very important place in the civil rights movement. MLK wanted more voting rights for black people. There were three marches at Selma. The first march people were met with violence from the state police. The second march people were turned around by a barricade of state police. MLK wanted to keep every march non violent. The whole thing was on live news. President Lydon Johnson saw this and made shure on the third march MLK and the protesters were protected. This led president Johnson to pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This act secured voting rights for all african-americans.

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This picture shows the thousads of people in SelmaThousands of people showed up for the marches. Record breaking numbers of people showed up to support voting rights for blacks.

These are state police beating black marchers. State police are suppose to help you right? Not in the 1960s if you were marching for blacks.😭

This picture shows MLK leading the Selma marches.By now MLK was one of the best well known civil rights leaders. He was an amazing figure of non-violence protests. Here he is holding hands with everyone.

Room 03

Montgomery Bus Boycot

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An NAACP member by the name of Rosa Parks was on her way home from work. She got on the bus and sat in one of the first two rows. No big deal right? Wrong, she was arrested later that day for violating a Jim Crow law saying that it was illeagal for black people to sit in the front of the bus. This led many black people to boycott the busses. Carpools were formed, volenteer drivers drove people arround. Who was leading this boycott? A young minister named Martin Luther King Jr. You may know him as a civil rights leader. Well this is his start.

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This was what the busses looked like in the 1950s/60s🫥Busses during this time period were usually 8 rows long. The first 3 were specifically reserved for whites only! Ikr 🤔

This is Rosa Parks mug shot.Isn't it suprrising that you could get arrested for not doing anything? Another surprising thing is that she didn't resist she just took.😬

This is a picture of the worlds first Uber. Black people with cars signed up in droves to help drive people to where they need to go.A mini uber!😯

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