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May 1777

Second Continental Congress

Outcome of the Congress:

Remember the Ladies

Impact of the Role of Women & Republican Motherhood:

Mar 1776

Declaration of Independence

Significance of the Declaration of Independence:

July 4, 1776

Significance/Importance of Battle:


Lexington & Concord

Timeline: American Revolution


The shot heard around the world!!!JThe first battles of the American revolutionEven though the colonial army lost, they were happy the could hold there own

Selected george Washingotn from previous war experience in the French and Indian war.They first sent an olive bracnh which was ignored

Abigal Adams was a early advocate for womens rights and started the "Remeber The Ladies" movementShe was seeking a sort of independence on top of also wanting a role in government(no representation for women)

He said thr harder the conflict, the more glorius the triumphmessage to england that we are leaving and creating our own government and countryThis was treason aganist england and everyone that signed could be killed

Dec 1777

Valley Forge

Battle of Yorktown

Oct 1781


The American Crisis was a message explaining all the injustice being suffered and how the people should rebel

Oct 1777

Battle of Saratoga


Timeline: American Revolution

Treaty of Paris, 1783

Impact of The Crisis:

"The Crisis"

Dec 1776

Significance of the Battle of Saratoga:

Significance of Valley Forge:

Significance of the Battle of Yorktown:

Explain what America gains:

They were intially struglingTurned in there favor in 1777Greates vitory for american which then made people such as france and spain wanna join in.

G. Washington settled troops here in dec 17771/5 died from either disease or starvationUsed the winter to train troops with help of other general to become better

Frech spain and america cornered the british troops and laid seige until they couldn't take it anymore and just gave up.

US became independentUS boundary spreads west and land is given to france and spain as well.\