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Martin Luther King Jr. He was one of the most inspiring, motivational, and looked-up to speakers of all time. MLK spoke in front of 250,000 people at the Abraham Lincoln Statue in Washington DC and he was the one that changed many opinions on African Americans. Many African Americans also had much more confidence. They were inspired to have more marches and more speeches to make sure that there was no segregation for anyone.

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This is the Abraham Lincoln statue the MLK held his "I Have A Dream Speach". This place is not only historic for Abraham Lincoln his self but since MLK was also there and there were over 250,000 people there. It was one of the biggest and most important speeches of all time.

This script is one of the most impressive, motivational, meaningful, and important speeches of all time. On august 28, 1963, this script was said in front of 250,000 people many uncluding to be white. This script changed the minds of many people who originally didn't. This script written by Mlk had such meaning to it, that is will never be forgotten.

These microphones used during the MLK speach are probably the few most important microphones in the world. These microphones got there heart and soul put into by Dr.K. It has made such a huge impact on all of these people just because of them.


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March 7, 1965, Selma, Alabama. The first of three marches took place by african Americans wanting their rights. The first march was a warning to all of the African Americans that state troopers arent playing around. As they crossed a bridge they were met by state troopers and horrifically beat and punched. Then on March 9, the second march took place. Durin this march, a barricade of state troopers was waiting for them. MLK then turned it around because he didn't want anybody to get hurt. Then on march 21, the final march MLK brought 3200 protesters and 2000 soldiers to protect them from state troopers and other dangers. There were also 1900 national guard members. They were all there to help and protect the African Americans during there marches.

Selma marches

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This bridge was home to one of the most deadly but working marchs ever. This bridge held over 5000 people who wanted African Americans to have there own rights and to have their own freedom. There were also over 1000 state troopers that stould there would failed and let the African Americans into the town.

This flag is one of the main and biggest flags used that I could find. This flag was one of the centerpieces to the march because many people could see it and because it was very important to all fo the people. This flag was looked at and used as motivation to get there voting rights witout having to take some test.

These horn/ microphone thing was used by MLK during bloody sunday. MLK spoked threw this horn to strike energy into everybody participating in the marchs. He used it to strike fear in the state troopers. He used it because he needed to have energy and eunthusams in his voice.

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Little rock 9

In 1954, the Board of Education decided that all schools needed to be desegregated. This immediately caught the attention of many people in Little Rock. Then 80 black students were interviewed to go to Central High School (The biggest high school and most segregated). Only 9 black students were selected to go to Central High School. The governor of this town was furious and said no multiple times but got overruled. President Eisenhower sent 1000 military troops to defend the black students. Then Central High closed down for one year but opened the following year fully integrated

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This is Little Rock Central High School. This is a segregated school that did not want anything to do with African-American students. They were extremely segregated and did not want to allow black students to join there school. When they were told they must let them, they started many riots and lots of violence

Dunbar High School was the all African American school were only and all of the students were African American. This is because Central High and all of the other high schools in the neighborhood were heavily segregated. At this school, it lacked education, teachers, and money. The teachers were not good ones and was just not fit for all of these kids.

This is the Little Rock 9 statue in Little Rock, Alabama. This statue was made after the 9 young african american men and women who made central high un segregated along with many other schools. These young kids showed determination and grit to help everybody. They will forever be remebered.

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