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Abigail Adams

Born on November 22, 1744, in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

A slave named Phoebe took a caretaking role for Abigail and other children; later on, she would work as a paid servant for Abigail after she became free. Abigail would come to express anti-slavery beliefs as an adult.

She and Barbra Bush are the only two women to have been married to U.S. presidents and to have been mothers of other U.S. presidents.

Abigail was a founder of the United States and was both the First and Second Lady of theUnited States of America.

Abigail Adams

Abigail did not write books or poems; instead, she wrote letters to John Adems, later published as "The Letters of Abigail and John Adams."

Genre: Social Revolution

Lucy Terry

  • Born in 1733, in Africa

      • Her future husband, Abijah Prince, bought her freedom before their marriage in 1756, and after their marriage, moved out of Massachusetts to Vermont, where she had all six of her kids.

  • Lucy was abducted from Africa and sold into slavery in Rode Island until the age of five when she was sold to Ebenezer Wells in Massachusetts, who allowed the five-year-old Terry to be baptized into the Christian faith during the Great Awakening.

  • Died on August 21, 1821, in Greenfeild Massachusetts


Lucy Terry

American Captivity Narrative Genre

Terry's only known work, "Bars Fight," published in 1855, is about an attack upon two white American families by Native Americans. This attack occurred near Deerfield, Massachusetts.

  • Born in 1753 in West Africa.

Phillis Wheatley

  • Died December 5, 1784

  • The Wheatley's named her Phillis, after the ship that had transported her to North America.

  • She was kidnapped and sold into slavery at the age of seven or eight and transported to North America, where she was bought by the Wheatley family of Boston.

  • By the age of 12, Phillis was reading Greek and Latin classics in their original languages, as well as difficult passages from the Bible when she was 14.

Phillis Wheatley


Religious and Classical

In 1768, Wheatley wrote "To the King's Most Excelent Majesty," praising King George III for revoking the Stamp Act.Wheatley also wrote "A Farewell to America" in 1773, about her voyage to England with Susanna's husband, Nathaniel, partly to assist her health.

John Adams

He was born in 1735, in Massachusetts Bay Colony.He died on July 4, 1826, of an illness.

  • He John took part in diplomatic roles in France and Holland, which was around the time the Revolutionary War took place in the U.S.

  • From 1785 to 1788, John Adams was elected as Vice President, with George Washington acting as President. In 1796, he was elected to be the second president of the United States, and he was the only President under the banner of the Federalist Party.

  • He loved making his wife, Abigail Adams, feel loved by sending her love letters during their marriage.

John Adams

Genre: His genre is politics, constitution, and romance.

  • 1776, John Adams wrote Thoughts on Government

  • He wrote Replies to Hendrik Calkoen and Letters to a distinguished American in 1780.

Edward Taylor

He was born in 1642, in Leicestershire, England.

He died on June 29, 1729

  • He attended Harvard and was set on pursuing his studies to become a minister. After he completed his education, he was accepted into ministry in a small town called Westfield.

  • He developed a deep love for reading, and his impressive book collection reflected this.

  • The church Edward preached at also doubled as a fortress due to Indian attacks in the 1970s.


Edward Taylor

  • His genre is Poetry.

  • Edward Taylor became popular after he wrote the Preparatory Meditations, written in 1682-1725.

  • Edward's book, Gods Determinations Touching his Elect, is estimated to have been written in 1682, and is also responsible for boosting his popularity.

Alexander Hamilton

He died on July 11, 1804, after losing a dual to Aaron Burr.

He was born on January 11, 1755 or 1757, in Charlestown, located on Nevis.

  • Soon after Alexander's birth, his father abandoned them, and his mother died two years later, leaving Alexander an orphan.

  • During his time in America, he fought in the Revolutionary War in 1775, was chosen to be one of the Founding Fathers in 1787, and 1789, was voted into the position of the first Secretary of the Treasury.

  • Hamilton's portrait is featured on the ten-dollar bill and has been since 1928.

Alexander Hamilton


His genre of writting is Politics and constitution

  • Alexander Hamilton assisted James Madison and John Jay in writing the Federalist Papers in 1787, which are a collection of essays used to promote the New Constitution.

  • He wrote multiple federalist and anti-federalist papers, including the United States Constitution.





  • A solemn and formal lyric poem about death, often one that mourns the passing of some particular person.

  • Using words effectively in writing and speaking.

  • An Old English poet or bard.