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The Civil Rights Museum

By: Erin Silberman, Lia La Valle, Emaline Sara


-Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott-Greensboro Sit-Ins-Black Power Movement and Malcolm X-Freedom Riders-Brown vs. Board of Education

In this museum you will learn about

These were all very important moments during the civil rights movement that helped contribute to the status of African Americans in society.

Room 01

Rosa Parks And The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Rosa got arrested for sitting in the front of a bus and refusing to get up, sparking the boycott

This picture shows all the people that are walking instead of taking the bus.

This shows how well-known the boycott was

Rosa Parks and people in Montgomery Alabama were part of this boycott. In 1955-56, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man and got arrested, blacks in Montgomery boycotted buses because of this.

Room 02

Greensboro Sit-Ins

This shows the four people going to protest and they are proud to be going.

This shows the people sitting at the counters waiting to be served.

This shows how the protest grew from 4 people to lots more

In Greensboro NC in 1960, 4 black college students sat at lunch counters in diners until they got service. Eventually, more people did the same until the diners cared more about staying in business than not serving them.

Room 03

Black Power & Malcolm X

This shows people embracing their African American culture.

This shows how people work together to support eachother.

This shows how they protested for their rights.

Led by Malcolm X in the mid 1960s in Greenwood Mississippi, the african americans in this movement wanted violence and was more in support of african americans than segregation.


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Room 04

Freedom Riders

This shows the destruction caused by the bombing.

This shows how any people supported them.

This shows that there was not only Black people but also other races.

A group of civil rights activists, called the Freedom Riders, wanted to test whether they could sit wherever they wanted, eat in integrated dining rooms, etc. It started in Washington D.C. and ended in New Orleans. It took place during spring/summer of 1961

Room 05

Brown VS Board Of Education

This shows how many children needed to be helped

This shows the success of the court case

This shows that black teachers could teach white students

Brown sued a school in the south for violating Separate But Equal. This caused a court case in Topeka Kansas, 1954. Brown eventually won.